Comparitive Analysis Of Mutual Funds

Today an investor is interested in tracking the value of his investments, whether he invests directly in the market or indirectly through Mutual Funds. This dynamic change has taken place because of a number of reasons. With globalization and the growing competition in the investments opportunity available he would have to make guided and rational decisions on whether he gets an acceptable return on his investments in the funds selected by him, or if he needs to switch to another fund.

In order to achieve such an end the investor has to understand the basis of appropriate preference measurement for the fund, and acquire the basic knowledge of the different measures of evaluating the performance of the fund. Only then would he be in a position to judge correctly whether his fund is performing well or not, and make the right decision.

This project t is undertaken to help the investors in tracking the performance of their investments in Sectoral Mutual Funds and has been carried out with the objective of giving performance analysis of Sectoral Mutual Fund.

The methodology for carrying out the project was very simple that is through secondary data obtained through various mediums like fact sheet of the funds, the Internet, Business magazines, Newspaper, etc. the analysis of Sectoral Funds has been done with respect to its various parameters. Technology Sectors have performed well over the years. FMCG and PHARMA sectors are catching up.

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