Consumer Attitude

An organization is meant to help and evolve independent work relationship in order to achieve a common goal. Every organization has to find its own way of functioning effectively and must adopt whichever theoretical framework of organizational development suits it. Considering the fact that an organization is a hierarchical structure, the role of manager is of critical importance as he undertakes the mission of working for the larger interest of society. Thus managers set objectives, organize activities and perform as effective leaders, think about human development and organizational development as well.

In this context, the present research is designed to help management in relation to attitude of customer in a company. For this purpose a sample of 50 customers were selected. The data were obtained using simple correlation method, weighted average method, and percentage analysis. However customer attitude, customer satisfaction customer preference, and attitude formation, was better in the company. Customer attitude, customer satisfaction customer preference and attitude formation were the significant predictors in developing organization.

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