Customer Satisfaction

Today’s companies are going all out to retain customers. They are struck by the fact that the cost of attracting a new customer may be five times the cost of keeping a current customer happy. Offensive marketing typically costs more than defensive marketing because it requires much effort and cost to induce satisfied customers to switch away from their current suppliers.

The global BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT is buzzing with the single most important issue of building a competitive edge by creating and retaining a larger number of customers than their competitors by offering them the necessary satisfaction through their services. Every organization is therefore seized of the task of establishing and sustaining its growth to the customer who has been rendered unpredictable by competition.

Therefore, every business is engaged in making a continuous effort for achieving customer loyalty, which however, has not been achieved by any one in absolute terms. But the customer is not compromising mood to relax in his pursuit of advantages and to realize value for his money. Organizations are devoting their attention to prove their customer worthiness.

In short, it is the total organizations culture and brand equity, which face challenges of other organizations so that there is perennial struggle amongst organization to sustain their existence in the market place.

The study is concerned primarily to know the customer opinion towards services offered by Laharee motors and find out the basic reasons as to why customers are feeling cognitive dissonance survey research method is adopted to collect primary data from the respondents and due to time constraint only 100 respondents are randomly selected from the city of Hyderabad. A predefined questionnaire is used as an instrument in collecting information from the respondents. Various web sites related to the automobiles industry is used for gathering secondary data.

The main findings of the study are, most of the respondent are suggesting the brand Hero Honda but are dissatisfied with their vehicles on the factors like mileage and other services provided by the dealer. They are willingly to switch to other brands. Respondents are satisfied with availability of spare parts.

The various views from the respondents to improve the service in totality are dealers has to run some HRD and technical programs for the staff to develop soft skill and upgrade their technical skill sets according to the requirements. Dealers have to frame strategies to target the employees. The dealer has to work as the ambassador of Honda.

The questionnaire used for collection of the data is predefined questionnaire, so the intentions of respondents might not be clear. The study being restricted only to the city of Hyderabad and the views drawn out of the study may not be applied to all the geographical areas. All the views of the respondents cannot be drawn descriptively so the views which arose from majority of the respondents are considered.

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