Foreign Exchange & Risk Management

The complexity of experiencing foreign exchange exposure and hedging of associated risks has been more challenging as never before. The objectives of taking up the subject for the project work are as follows:

 To understand the nature of foreign exchange transactions undertaken.
 To ascertain the requirement of imported raw materials, spares, equipments.
 To ascertain the value of export, other earnings in foreign exchange and realization.
 To assess the foreign exchange payments towards procurement of capital equipments, technological know-how, services of foreign experts etc.
 To analyze the risks involved in undertaking the foreign exchange transactions in current scenario.
 To understand the risk philosophy, risk policy for foreign exchange transactions and perceptions about the existing risks.
 To evaluate the risk management practices adopted to mitigate foreign exchange risks and their effectiveness.
 To identify the deficiencies, study the impact and suggest measures to overcome the same in the current scenario.

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