Initial Public Offerings

The Indian Capital market has three components.

• Primary Market
• Secondary Market
• Money Market

Primary market refers to the market of new issues or market for mobilization of resources by the companies and Government undertakings, for new projects and also for expansion, mobilization, addition, and diversification and up gradation.

Primary market operations include new issue of shares by new and existing companies, further and right issues to existing shareholders, public offers, bonds etc.

Primary markets are the medium for floating public issues. Public issue means an invitation by a company to the public to subscribe to the securities offered through a prospectus. Similarly the primary market infuses new listed securities in the market generated through new public issues floated regularly and thus enlarges the security base traded in the secondary market.

This project aims to study the framework of primary markets in India, the major IPOs that have been announced in the recent years and also the performance of these IPOs. The project report explains the various public issues with the need for the company to take out an IPO. It also explains the advantages of an IPO. The project analyses in detail the Indian IPO Scenario. It explains the evolution of the IPO in India and explains how the scene has changed dramatically after liberalization especially after the introduction of the book building process.

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