Market Potential

Market potential is the total sales volume that all organization sells during a stated time period in a specific market. Market potential certain number of brands in the market, trend of each major brand’s market share over the past several years, amount of money spent by major brands in advertising and price structure of the existing players.

The objective of the study is to know the potential for the products in the market and to assess the opportunity to enter the market.

The questionnaire consist of questions where data are collected from samples, samples include wholesalers, retailers and contractors.

The conclusion was reached using Percentage method, Chi square test, Rank correlation, Weighted average method and One-Way ANOVA method.

This study gives the sales volume for last year and it identifies the consumers, and their choice of buying; it gives information about the facilities given by the market players to the customers to maintain customer relationship and the awareness media through which they increase their sales.

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