Educational Partnership Program

Computer education is entering a new phase of growth in India. Over the last few
months, a large number of both Indian and multinational companies have announced their intention of launching their products. Software companies will discover and experiment with new products and with innovative ideas. At the same time, more- more products categories will come under the fold of upgradeted education, providing a large impact to specially computers in the world.

The market for computer software is finally gaining critical mass here. In addition, this category is expected to see significant growth. Mostly software companies are aiming for bigger play in the wholesale sailing but the wholesaler are now becoming upgraded they cater into small and medium business houses to capture more and more market.

Today in Indian IT market consumer become very smart i.e. he become very demanding
means he wants good product quality, good product service at a cheaper cost means he
wants his full satisfaction and it is not so easy as it seems a lot of companies are in the market who are ready to give them all so for this you have to attract the customer for this you have to know in which field your competitor is lacking and in which field you are lacking from your competitor. In the current scenario it is not enough to produce a readymade product it is also essential to develop a customize product because it is very necessary that your product will fulfill all the demands of your customer if it can’t do that you become out from the market.

By 2025 it is expected that there will be around 5000 IT companies will enter in the
global market. At that time the competition become hard and only those companies will
survive who knows their roots means those companies who knows the merit and demerits
of other companies .

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