Employee Induction Program

Every newcomer to company should pass Employee Induction program. Normally, first day(s) are dedicated to employee induction program. Employee Induction in it's nature is basic overview of the company to newcomers, and represent a first step of employee training. It does not go too deeply into the matter of every department and every position, but it has intention to bring big picture in front of a newcomer.

Employee Induction should last more than one day, usually 2-5 days. Employee induction should always start with HR's welcome from the appointed host from that department, who is responsible to guide newcomer through department in order to introduce him to the other.

This dedicated HR person is not spending all time following newcomer through departments, but will be at disposal, to escort him/her to the next department during the Employee induction.

The agenda of Employee Induction program is tailor made to each position individually, so it is not necessary to cover all departments. This is for several reasons, firstly, Employee Induction would last for too long to visit every body. Secondly, newcomer would be confused with all information if he/she would have to visit each single individual in the company.

It is recommended to have prepared default Employee induction agendas per position, per Department. This agenda can always be slightly adjusted, as per need, but it represents a strong tool that saves time and ease process of induction.

All Employee Induction Program Agendas are based on Employee Induction Matrix that represent graphic scheme of visits and time spent during induction.

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