Employee Personality

The success of any manufacturing organization depends largely on the workers. The employees are considered as the backbone of any company. The study was mainly undertaken to identify the level of EMPLOYEES PERSONALITY. Once the levels of Employee personality are identified, it would be possible for the management to take the necessary action to improve in getting highly sophisticated products. Since employees are considered as backbone of the Company, their progression will lead to the success of the Company in the long run.and it mainly improve employees intraction among the management to raise their standard of livings in the society.


 The study is helps to you assess the employees knowledge,
 The study is helps to you asses the employees beliefs,
 The study is helps to you asses the employees feelings,
 Which allows to assess the employees actions in regard to a wide range of personal skills, abilities, and interests.
 The assessments are graded, that exercises that generate individual personality in the organization.

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