Employee Productivity

“Productivity is being better today than yesterday, and that tomorrow will be better than today”

The concept of what is better and how to become better is changing. Productivity is now seen to depend on the value of the products and services and the efficiency with which they are produced and delivered to the customers.

Productivity is the result or the sum of all effort that it takes to deliver a product or service. Productivity is frequently referred to as output and, to some degree, can be measured. The output generated by a person, organization, or other entity is measured in terms of (the number of) units or items produced and services performed within a specified time frame. Thus, productivity is the economic value of goods and services. It becomes the value or result of the "price" of a product or service minus all "costs" that go into the effort.

Total productivity is a productivity measure that incorporates all the inputs required to make a product or provide a service. The inputs could be grouped in various categories as long as they determine the total inputs required to produce an output.

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