Employee Relations

The objective of the report is to have an overview of HRM and Employee Relations. The objective was to analyze Employee Relations at a plant factory and in the service sector.
The Human Resources Management (HRM) function includes a variety of activities, and key among them is maintaining amicable relations with the workforce. Both the sectors are such where employees become the crux of all operations. For the plant (factory), it is the employee who works on the machine.

At the hospitality sector, it is the employee who communicates with the guest. The behaviour of the employee gives inkling about the company. Thus it is very important to maintain cordial relations with the workforce.

The goal of Employee Relations is to end up with a productive and motivated employee that will help effectiveness. Following the introduction to Employee Relations is a brief overview of how Employee Relations has evolved as an activity. Following that in chapter 6 are the advantages of maintaining good employee relations.

The importance of HR department, HR mission and the activities of the department for Employee Relations are detailed.

The report gives a brief introduction about the companies. It has knowledge about the history of the company, vision, core values and the Corporate Social Responsibility activities initiated by the company.

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