Employee Training

Training is a learning experience, in that it seeks a relatively permanent change in an individual which will improve his (or) her ability to perform on the job. We typically say training can change the skill, knowledge, attitude and social behavior. It means changing what employees know, how they work, their attitude towards their work or their interaction with their co-workers or their supervisors.


HIGHER PRODUCIVITY: Training helps to improve the level of Performance. Trained employees perform better by using better method of work.

BETTER QUALITY OF WORK: In formal training, the best methods are standardized and taught to employees perform better by using better method of work.

COST REDUCTION: Trained employees make more economical use of materials and machinery. Reduction in wastages and spoilage together with increase in productivity help to minimize
cost of operation per unit.

• To know the employees awareness of Training Programme.
• To know the impact of Training Programme on trainees.
• To identify the employees opinion regarding the Training Programme of the company.
• To understand the existing Training Programme conducted.
• To give suggestions based on findings.

REDUCTION SUPERVISION: Well-trained employees tend to be self reliant and motivated.
The training objectives are designed in accordance with the company goals and objectives. The general objectives of any training programme are:
To inculcate the basic knowledge and skill to the new entrants and to enable them to perform their jobs well.

To enable the employee to meet the changing requirements of the job and the organization.
To demonstrate the employees the new techniques and ways of performing the job or operations.

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