Industrial Safety Management

Life of Industrial workers is becoming more and more prone to danger. The Industries are becoming more in number, size and sophistication. Every year, lakhs and lakhs of workers meet accidents in factories, mines and workshops leading to injuries, permanent disabilities and sometime deaths.

Accidents may be caused by unsafe working environments, defective plant and equipments, poor supervision, careless acts etc., Industrial safety management is a vital part of the human resources management in any industry because it ensures job satisfaction, job security and motivates the employees for higher productivity. Also, it helps in loss control for the overall benefit of the organization. Hence, industrial safety is beneficial to the workers as well as management.

A good organization not only gives importance to the sales, profit, increase production etc., but also provide safety measures to achieve the best results. This study highlights the various safety activities carries out for the employees and the organization as a whole. Also, it would help the management to know about the feelings of the workers about the safety measures.

Industrial engineers are concentrating their attention to improve the design of workplace, layout, selection of equipment and machines. Employees also should lay emphasis on safety measures in their plants.

Moreover, rules and regulations, laid down in the labour laws, make it obligatory on the part of industrialist to provide certain minimum measures of safety to employees.

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