Job Satisfaction

In general most of the people are actually not satisfied with their Job. This may be due to various reasons.

In most of the cases the clerical staff is having the opinion that the Job and the wage which is given to him is according to their safety, these people who are all talking about the safe and showing other reasons are actually not satisfied to their jobs.

Even though the people belong to both middle level & Top level management people having the fixed responsibilities they have to face it and make that one as a successful one, so for that purpose Job satisfaction must be there with the employees.

A person may have the intention to go up by promotions for higher posts.

Each & every individual must be satisfied with their Job and do the work with satisfaction and try for promotion by showing sincerity & hard work.

It helps the organization to know the views of the employee regarding their Job Satisfaction changes can be made according to their suggestions because satisfied employee will be an asset to any organization.

The researcher can get a wide practical knowledge about the working environment, IR, performance appraisal and soon.

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