Labour Welfare

Labour welfare is an important facet of industrial relation. In the present age of industrialization growing attention is being paid to the Labour problems. It is an indication of the increasing importance of the working class in the economic and social structures of the modern communities. There are 4 factors of production i.e. land, capital, labour and entrepreneur. The lack of well built labour may rest bad effect on the production and this may create major problems for the industry for its survival. So, labour welfare and safety measurement is one of the national programs for the betterment of labour.

The need for the labour welfare and safety measures was strongly felt by the Royal Commission on labour as far back as in 1931.

Moreover it is the social responsibility of the employers for overall development of the workers and to secure them from any physical loss during the working hours.

The industrialization in India has created a number of problems. Before independence, nothing was done for the welfare and for securing the safety of factory workers. There was no provision about welfare and safety of workers in constitution. In free India labour welfare was emphasized by the constitution which laid down article 41,42and 43 for ensuring welfare measures for the workers. So the government has passed so many acts to improve the welfare of the labour in factories. The factories act 1948 is having so many provisions relating to the welfare and safety of the workers.

The factories act 1948 emphasis on labour welfare and safety measures such as washing facilities, first aid appliances, canteen, rest shelters and various provisions relating to safety of workers ex. fencing of machinery, precautions in case of fire, safety of buildings and machinery etc.(section 21-41 ). There are so many other schemes which have been provided by the govt. of India for the welfare of the workers such as provident fund, family, pension funds, gratuity schemes and employee’s insurances schemes etc.

Welfare means improvement of workers from all aspects, mental, health and standard of living etc. and safety measures means proving secure working conditions so as to reduce physical injury as well as financial loss to the workers. By providing proper working conditions the workers will be motivated and in the result they will work by there best of the capacity.

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