Organisational Study

Today, is the age of globalization, age of science and technology where one will find now invention and discoveries at every mode of life? It is due to sudden globalization in the economy now as we go towards the market; we see a changing trend due to particular brand and selection of it. In the field of education, new courses are introduced with having practical training, which is needed but the theoretical knowledge is also important, so that we are aware with practical phase in business dealings and life.

Management is a field, where Managerial & Practical Knowledge is required. With a view to getting practical knowledge of Industry, We were required to undergo training in the Industry according to our syllabus for practical study subject because only theoretical knowledge is not enough to gain knowledge of business. Practical knowledge helps a person to understand real life problems.

Industrial acquaintance for M.B.A. student is the most important aspect, to enlighten about the multi facets of ever increasing competition in business ever since globalization. Practical training has been incorporated in the curriculum of MBA which enables the management students to get familiarized and equip them with the practical aspects of management. This benefit as it cultivates habit of business students thinking and sense of professionalism. Thus, a student knows how theoretical learnt of classroom is actually implemented in business environment and what is the difference in the theory and practice?

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