Performance Appraisal System

The most valuable asset for a company is its people. Whist all other assets depreciate over a period of time, people as an asset appreciate over a period of time. Longer a person has been with a company; greater is his value in terms of experience & contribution, and therefore, his price.
An organization’s goals can be achieved only when people put in their best efforts. How to ascertain whether an employee has shown his or her best performance on a given job? The answer is performance appraisal.

 To understand the Performance Appraisal System

 To know the employees awareness & level of satisfaction about the Performance Appraisal practiced in the organization

 To identify the factors inducing to increase the performance of an employee

 To know the factors necessary for appraising the employees.

 To provide suggestions to the management in improving Performance Appraisal System.

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