Quality of Work Life

Quality is generally defined as “Conformance to requirements”. Quality is “as fitness for purpose”. The concept of quality is not apply to all goods and services created by human beings, but also for workplace where the employees were employed.
Quality in the workplace comes from understanding and then fully meeting, the needs of all your internal and external customers, now and into the future and doing so with continual improvement in efficiency and effectiveness.

QWL refers to the favorableness or un – favorableness of a total job environment of the people. The basic purpose is to develop jobs and working conditions that are excellent for people as well as for the economic health of the organization. QWL provides a more humanized work environment. It attempts to serve the higher – order needs of workers as well as their more basic needs. It seeks to employ the higher skills of workers and to provide an environment that encourages improving their skills.

Q - Quest for excellence
U - Understanding
A - Action
L - Leadership
I - Involvement of the people
T - Team spirit
Y - Yardstick to measure progress

The above said are very essential things to improve the work life of employees in the organization.

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