Services Marketing

Services marketing relates to the marketing of services, as opposed to tangible products. A typical definition of a service (as opposed to a good) is thus:

The use of it is inseparable from its purchase (i.e. a service is used and consumed simultaneously)

It does not possess material form, and thus cannot be smelt, heard, tasted, or felt.
The use of a service is inherently subjective, in that due to the human condition, all persons experiencing a service would experience it uniquely.

As examples of the above points, a train ride can be deemed as a service. If one buys a train ticket, the use of the train is typically experienced concurrently with the purchase of the ticket. Although the train is a physical object, one is not paying for the permanent ownership of the tangible components of the train.

Services (by comparison with goods) can also be viewed as a spectrum. Not all products are pure goods, nor are all pure services. An intermediary example may be a restaurant, where the waiter service is intangible, but the food is tangible.

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