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needs can seem daunting. makes it easy. Tell us a few details about why you need a loan, your circumstances and we'll do all the hard work for you.

Why compare personal or secured loans?

People take out secured (homeowner) or personal (unsecured) loans for a variety of reasons - everything from a new car or home improvements, to the need to consolidate existing debts. There are a huge variety of loans on offer, which is why it is important to compare all available loans.

Whether you want to With so many personal and secured loans available, knowing how to find the best loan for your compare personal or secured loans there are a number of factors to be taken into account:

· the interest charged on the loan

· cost of Payment Protection Insurance

· early repayment charges or penalties

· personal circumstances that could affect your ability to pay

In addition, for secured loans we need to ask you some questions relating to your property and any borrowing against this property. This will allow a more accurate and tailored set of results. Use our loans comparison service and we'll use all these factors to find the best loans for your circumstances.

Compare the Best Cheap Loans from uSwitch

Comparing loans with us only takes a few minutes. Our loans comparison service compares all available lenders, including high street and internet providers. All you need to do is decide whether you want to compare personal or secured loans, how much you want to borrow and provide a few personal details. Your results are sorted in order of the monthly repayment for each loan, but you can order them in other ways depending on your priorities.

The loans comparison service you can trust

Our information is updated daily to ensure that your results are as comprehensive and accurate as possible. Use our loans comparison service and you'll get an impartial list of the best loans for you - we don't favour any one lender over another. That's why you shouldn't consider applying for a personal or secured loan until you've used our free loans service to compare all the loans available to you. It's the best way of ensuring you're getting the best loan deal.

We understand loans

No more shopping from bank to bank comparing rates and terms. Now you can let uSwitch do all the research for you. So why wait? There's no time like the present to find the right loan for you

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