between LAN and WAN

A LAN is a Local Area Network. Local is generally referred to a network contained within a building or an office or a campus.  You might have a LAN for example on a University campus or between office blocks in an office park.

A big corporate perhaps like Anglo American, would generally have a LAN that might span several buildings. To set up a LAN -relatively speaking- is cheap. If you want to put an extra couple of network points or an extra couple of devices on the network

A WAN is generally slow. If we compare that to a LAN, we said that Ethernet could run up to 1000 Mbps, currently, certainly in South Africa, the fastest WAN is 155 Mbps, so you can see in a LAN we can talk up to 1000 Mbps whereas in a WAN, at the moment, currently, WAN is expensive. If we look at the path of telecommunications, we need to connect two offices, one in Pretoria and one in Johannesburg together - it 's an expensive operation even for a slow line. 



LAN (Local Area Network) is a computer network covering a small geographic area, like a home, office, or group of buildings

Network in an organization can be a LAN

Typically owned, controlled, and managed by a single person or organization

Typically owned, controlled, and managed by a single person or organization

LANs have a high data transfer rate

Have a small geographical range and do not need any leased telecommunication lines one LAN can be connected to other LANs over any distance via telephone lines and radio waves



WAN (Wide Area Network) is a computer network that covers a broad area (i.e., any network whose communications links cross metropolitan, regional, or national boundaries

Internet is the best example of a WAN

WANs (like the Internet) are not owned by any one organization but rather exist under collective or distributed ownership and management

WANs tend to use technology like ATM, Frame Relay and X.25 for connectivity over the longer distances

WANs have a lower data transfer rate as compared to LANs

Have a large geographical range generally spreading across boundaries and need leased telecommunication lines

Computers connected to a wide-area network are often connected through public networks, such as the telephone system. They can also be connected through leased lines or satellites

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