Dividend Policies

The dividend policy is one of the core elements of modern corporate financial management. A reasonable dividend policy will help the company in the capital markets and establish a good corporate image for the company's long-term development and create favorable conditions for the listed company's financial decision-making, dividend policy has a positive significance..

Appropriate dividend distribution policy can not only set a good corporate image, but also to build the confidence of investors in the company's future prospects, thus creating a good corporate financing environment, the company’s long-term stable development.

The dividend policy is influenced by many factors, such as the company's profitability, stock price, financing capability. The distribution of dividends of listed companies are often more complex dynamics, in such an environment study on the impact of factors conducive to a listed company to develop an appropriate dividend policy, financial management and operational activities to achieve The goal is also conducive to the shareholders invest in raising awareness of risk awareness and to facilitate their rational investment.

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