feasibility report for a proposal

The planning of a project is a technically pre-determined set of interrelated activities involving the effective use of given material, human, technological and financial resources over a given period of time. Which in association with other development projects result in the achievement of certain predetermined objectives such as the production of specified goods & services. Feasibility report of a project proposal include:

Contents of Project report:

1.        Market and marketing.

2.        Size of the project.

3.        Project engineering dealing with technical aspects of the project.

4.        Location and layout of the project building.

5.        Building.

6.        Production capacity.

7.        Work schedule.

Details of the cost of the Project:

1.      Cost of Land.

2.      Cost of Building.

3.      Cost of Research and Developing.

4.      Cost of Plant & Machinery.

5.      Cost of Furniture and Fittings.

6.      Profitability of Projects.

7.      Organisational Structure.

8.      Proposed Financing of the Project.

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