global company in case of environmentally sensitive products


This concept, again influences the strategy specifically relating to the product planning formulation process. There are two types of products-environmentally sensitive products and environmentally insensitive products. The environmentally sensitive products require major adaptation to the economic and social environment existing in the foreign country. The business has to spend a great deal of time learning about the way its products react specifically with the economic, social, physical and perspective environmental conditions that exist throughout the world. Food products are an example of environmentally sensitive product.

On the other hand of the continuum are the environmentally insensitive products. Such products require little or no adaptations for being marketed in the foreign countries. An example of the environmentally insensitive product is computers. This approach helps the business to realize, on the one hand, product options having chosen the market or product modification options and on the other hand market options, having chosen the product. These together represent some of the major concepts that have influenced the strategic formulation process for marketing in foreign countries. Other concepts like cluster analysis etc. play an equally important role in process of developing a conceptual framework.

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