review and elucidate a new project

Project reviews are primarily a project manager’s tool for monitoring progress at a practical level. They also consider current and potential problems and can be used to consider corrective action, where appropriate. These meetings can be pre-planned or convened to address situations where there is some concern over the projects status. The task leaders should assist their sub-project manager (SPM) through ongoing monitoring of the work in hand and by assimilating the required progress information.

 The involvement of all relevant project team staff should be sought, to ensure that all potential problems or bottlenecks are considered. Team members should be asked to describe the progress and any problems that have occurred since the last review. The SPM is responsible for convening and chairing project reviews that relate to their sub-project. These meetings should be seen as an open forum for discussing and analyzing progress information and addressing team members concerns. The SPM is responsible for deriving the detailed content of the sub-project plans. These plans should include the suggested format and frequency of project reviews in relation to each sub-project.

The progress reports should be compiled by, or on behalf of, the SPM. The bulk of the information for these reports is likely to be derived following a project review - which represents an excellent opportunity for a two-way flow of related information. It is the project manager’s responsibility to analyze and collate the progress reports and use this information, along with other intelligence to compile and present regular highlight reports to the project owner.

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