State the bottlenecks in the implementation of new projects

The group of activities starting from the techno economic feasibility report approval or project decision and ending with the commencement of stabilized production and maintenance would come under implementation.

     Design engineering procurement contacting constrictions start up and establishment of operation and maintenance.  Each of these major activities should be scheduled in a time frame with perfect integration showing dependencies of activities and sub activities with starting and finishing dates for each.

     When the scheduling of activities is complete by translating it into cost, budget should be prepared.  Before you are able to prepare the schedule and budget you have to decide the method of implementation, The size and composition of your project team, prepare and estimate the total cost on various components of the project. With the achievable accuracy and ascertain the probable dates of clearances necessary for starting and proceeding with the project execution, discussion with prospective manufactures and suppliers of equipment and material are central to an achievable schedule. Equally important is the indication about the financial sanction and disbursement. In case of an equity issue for financing the project early discussions with the merchant bank broker and underwriter are necessary for ensuring implementation. Funds shortage does not upset the schedule.

      For preparing the project implementation schedule the following information is needed.

·         List of all possible activities from project planning to commencement of production.

·         The sequence in which various activities have to b e performed.

·         The time required for performing various activities.

·         The resources normally required for performing the various activities.

The implications of putting more resources or less resource thus are normally required. A project implementation schedule has been prepared and it is workout as the following consideration.

1.         The approval of project implementation will be considered as zero date for the project.

2.         The work as detailed survey, basic engineering followed by preparation of technical specification will start from zero date.

     Construction and erection of various plant units, civil, engineering work structural engineering work, earthwork, road and yard construction etc., constitute the various facets of project implementation programme.  

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