various mechanism for controlling international business operations

One of the key requisites to successfully manage the risks associated with running a business is to have a sound and effective control framework. The existence of such a framework in an organisation encourages a sound control environment in which the business operates. With the increasing levels of corporate governance, the CFO and the CEO are being held accountable for the effectiveness and efficiency of their control environment.
There  should be  some minimum controls that have to be in place to ensure that key strategic, operational and financial risks of the company are managed.
The areas for discussion are:
Control Environment
General Accounting control.
Revenue Cycle  control.
Expenditure Cycle control.
Bank and Cash  control.
Fixed Assets Management  control.
Inventory, Logistic and Distribution control.
Control Environment of a company and is segregated into the following categories:
Delegation of Duties,
Risk Management,
Management Information Systems.

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