1. (a) Board of directors.
(b) Strategic planning.
(c) Forces of competition.
(d) Strategy evaluation.
(e) Acquisitions.
(f) 7-S framework.
2. Discuss the nature and significance of strategic management.
3. Describe the role of board of directors.
4. Explain the techniques used in environmental analysis.
5. What are the issues involved in the implementation of strategy in finance?
6. State the forces underlying diversification strategy.
7. Explain the barriers faced in the evaluation of strategy.
8. Case study
Chocolate Makers "Hershey’s Ine, USA and ‘Ferrero SpA, Italy are considering a joint
bid to buy out’ Cadbury Plc, which could help the British confectioner tend off a hostile
take over by Kraft. Foods Inc, USA this move is the strongest sign of a possible rwal
bid to Kraft’s $ 16.7 Billion offer which Cadbury rejected and said was "derisory".
Parallely Ferrero could join financial investors and private equity players considered
friendly to cadbury, for a possible alliance. With this proposal, the advantage for
cadbury shareholders is that they would continue to hold shares in a high growth
confectionery group having UK listing rather than being paid around 50% equity in a
low growth US listed conglomerate having a turn over of $ 11.7 billion a year.
Ferrero, has an annual sale of $ 9.3 billion with 18 factories and 21600 employees
worldwide, it is also known for its Kinder ‘Chocolates and’ ‘Tic-Tac’ candy.
Questions :
(a) Explain ‘intensive’ and ‘integrated growth strategies’ adopted by these
(b) Explain the five types of competitive advantages pursued by Hershey’s and
Ferrero, while formulating their strategic plans.
(c) Why do companies resort to hostile bidding?

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