Employee Attrition

Employee attrition is the rate at which organizations and/or company's hiring and fire employees to either represent their firm or leave their firms. It is also referred to the employee attrition rate.

This study is undertaken to analyze employee attrition levels


Ø      To study and understand the reasons for the rate of employee attrition

Ø      To find key attributes (such as salary and Job security etc.) that are important to candidates in a potential employer

Ø      To understand job candidate’s preferences/needs from their employer or company

Ø      To find out reasons for early attrition (employees leaving within the first 9 months), such as psychographics, demographics and sociological factors impacting a candidate/ employee decision to leave early

Ø      To understand if there are their simple variables like gender, age, number of previous jobs that can be a good predictor of attrition risk
To suggest methods for retaining quality work force in the company

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