Employee Motivation

Human Resource Management (HRM) is a management function that helps organizations to recruit, select, train, and develop members in an organization. Only human resource management is obviously one function which is concerned with peoples dimension in organization.

All major activities in the working life of an employee, that is from the time of employees entry into the organization to the time employees leaves the organization all the activities come under the purview of human resource management.

The activities are human resource management are human resource planning, job analysis, job design, recruitment, selection, orientation and placement, training and development, performance appraisal and job evaluation, employee and executive remuneration, motivation and communication, welfare, safety and health, industrial relations.
This study is under taken to analyze the employee motivational levels with respect to Investleaf Management Solutions.
Ø      To study the important factors which are needed to motivate the employees
Ø      To study the effect of monetary and non-monetary benefits provided by the organization on the employee’s performance
Ø      To study the effect of job promotions on employees
Ø      To learn the employee’s satisfaction on the interpersonal relationship exists in the organization
Ø      To provide the practical suggestion for the improvement of organization’s performance
Ø      To learn more on the various motivational techniques and how these are being practiced in real life situation.
Ø      To know and understand what other techniques an organization can be adopted to increase the motivational level and performance in addition to what has been practiced.
Ø      To gain an insight into what exactly is the ultimate motivator whether it is money or other factors

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