1. (a) Concept of HRP.
(b) Counseling.
(c) HRD in voluntary organisations.
(d) HRD climate.
(e) Supply of HR.
(f) HRP at macro level.
2. Explain the impact of culture on HRD.
3. Enumerate different approaches for HRD in software industry.
4. State the HRD experiences of Indian Industry.
5. Elucidate the progress of HRD in police organisation.
6. Enumerate various techniques employed to forecast HR.
7. Bring out the recent trends in HRD in India.
8. Case Study :
Mrs. Deena joined syndicate Bank as clerk after obtaining M.Sc. degree in 2000. She was aspiring
for promotion to the officer’s post. She completed CAIIB to which certain weightage is given in
promotion. After getting the eligibility service in 2005, she applied for officer’s post in the bank
under promotion quota.
She could not get the promotion as her score in written test was quite low. But at that time, she was
transferred to her native town, Kakinada. She tried for officer’s post several times but could not
succeed. She was vexed with her trials. But she was elected to the office of President of local branch
of Bank Employee’s Union. Since then she has become a problem to the management. She could
solve a number of problems of members of her union.
Consequently all the clerks of the branch joined her union. However, she has been continuing her
trials for officer’s post. She was not given the promotion in 2007 though she got above minimum
score in the written test on the ground that her interview score was below the minimum. In fact, the
confidential report of the branch manager regarding her trade union activities worked against her in
this case. Subsequently she activised trade union activities and started a business of dealership in
automobiles. She succeeded in diverting the deposits of business community from her bank to other
banks. Management has decided to promote her to officer cadre based on the recommendations of the
new branch manager. One day Mrs. Deena received appointment order for the officer’s post from the
head office of the bank. All the colleagues including the branch manager congratulated her. But she
said that she does not want the promotion. It was a suspense to all of them.
Questions :
(a) Do you think that management’s action of not selecting Mrs. Deena on 2005 basing on the
confidential report of the Branch Manager right?
(b) Why does Mrs. Deena not want promotion? and
(c) Explain the theoretical base to this case.

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