Internet Banking

E-banking has become a necessary survival weapon and is fundamentally changing the banking industry worldwide. Today, the click of the mouse offers customers banking services at a much lower cost and also empowers them with unprecedented freedom in choosing vendors for their financial service needs. No country today has a choice whether to implement E-banking or not given the global and competitive nature of the economy. The invasion of banking by technology has created an information age and commoditization of banking services. Banks have come to realize that survival in the new e-economy depends on delivering some or all of their banking services on the Internet while continuing to support their traditional infrastructure.
The rise of E-banking is redefining business relationships and the most successful banks will be those that can truly strengthen their relationship with their customers. Technology innovation and fierce competition among existing banks have enable a wide array of banking products and services, being made available to retail and wholesale customer through an electronic distribution channel, collectively referred to as e-banking. Banks have traditionally been in the forefront of harnessing technology to improve product and efficiency. Technology is altering the relationships between banks and its internal and external customers. Technology has also eroded the entry barriers faced by many industries.
The current project attempts to study the internet banking facilities offered by the banks to its customers; to study as to how much internet banking has penetrated in the minds of the customers; to gain insights about functioning of internet banking; to explore the future prospects of internet banking; and to study the benefits that are provided to the individuals under internet banking.

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