1. (a) Concept of financial service.
(b) Rolling settlement.
(c) Registrar to an issue.
(d) Corporate restructuring.
(e) Hire purchase.
(f) Seed capital.
2. Distinguish between factoring and bills discounting.
3. State the regulatory framework concerning financial services.
4. Explain the functions of stock exchanger.
5. Describe the methodology followed by credit rating agencies in India.
6. Discuss the growth of venture capital funds in the country.
7. What are the features of credit cards?
8. Case study :
A mutual fund has 200 shares of Fiat Inc., currently trading at $ 14, and 200 shares of
microsoft, Inc., currently trading at $ 140. The fund has 200 shares outstanding.
(a) What is the NAV of the fund?
(b) If investors expect the price of Fiat shares to increase to $ 18 and the price of Microsoft
to decline to $ 110 by the end of the year, what is the expected NAV at the end of the
(c) What is the maximum that the price of Microsoft can decline to maintain the NAV as
estimated in (a)?

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