1. a) Selling concept.
b) Regulated market.
c) Target marketing.
d) Consumer decision making process.
e) Geographic pricing.
f) Product mix.
2. What are the ethics in marketing?
3. Explain the relationship between marketing and accounts department.
4. State the influence of psychological factors on marketing management.
5. Discuss the factors that influence pricing decisions.
6. Describe the steps involved in marketing research.
7. Bring out the objectives of advertising.
8. Case study
Parke-Davis used direct marketing to market its after-shave lotion brand Listerine. A
list of around 1,00,000 prospective consumers was used to send mailers which
highlighted the need for fresh breath and also offered a discount of 4% on a
400 ml bottle.
HLL used direct marketing for its after-shave lotion brand Denim. Each Mailer had a
brochure with a ‘scratch and sniff’ coating of the fragrance as a sample. The company
also offered gifts and held a contes, with a trip to Kenya as the prize. Order were
taken over the telephone and product was home delivered.
Direct marketing could also be used by two advertisers; a concept called co-op mailers
which would reduce the cost for both the brands provided the target segment is
broadly the same, for both the brands.
Suggest which proposal of marketing shall be more profitable.

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