Mutual Funds

            According to SEBI  - Mutual Fund is defined as  - “A fund established in the form of a trust to raise money’s through the sale of units to the public or a section of the public under one or more schemes for investing in securities, including money market instruments.”


               The basic purpose of the study is to give broad idea on Mutual Funds and analyze various schemes to highlight the diversified investment that Mutual Fund offers to its investors. Through this study one can understand how to invest in Mutual Funds and turn the raw investment into ripen fruits by taking wise decisions, taking the risk factors into account.

  • The Study presents basic concept and trends in the Mutual fund Industry.
  • The Study enables a fresh investor to understand easily the various benefits offered by Mutual Funds and their working in the Market.
  • The Study provides a clear idea on growth of Mutual Funds from past to the present scenario and its scope in the future.
The Study gives a brief idea on the Open- Ended Balanced Growth Schemes of major growth funds

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