1. (a) Product selection.
(b) Capacity planning.
(c) Batch production.
(d) ABC analysis.
(e) Quality assurance.
(f) Waste management.
2. What are different techniques of handling materials?
3. State the nature and significance of value engineering.
4. Explain the process of purchase procedure.
5. What are the factors that affect the selection of facilities location?
6. Describe the significance of operations management.
7. Bring out the process of stores management.
8. Case study :
Consider the following data on locating a new facility which has to serve 5 different existing
facilities. The coordinates of the existing facilities are (30, 20), (40, 50), (30, 30), (15, 30) and
(20, 40). The number of tons of material transported per year from the new facility to each of
the existing facilities is given below. Find the optimal X and Y coordinates of the new facility.
Existing Facility
1 2 3 4 5
New Facility 1000 980 1500 2000 1750

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