1. (a) Concept of OB.
(b) Stress.
(c) Johari window.
(d) MC Gregor.
(e) Job Enrichment
(f) Team Leader.
2. Describe the nature and scope of organisational behaviour.
3. What are the determinants of personality?
4. Elucidate Need Hierarchy theory of motivation.
5. Explain the process of group formation.
6. Which style of leadership is best suited to India? Why?
7. Enumerate the factors that influence organisational culture.
8. Case study:
In 2000. Sanjay Kataria a chartered accountant, was elected as the chairman of Promising
Life Insurance Company, which was at the time, the third largest life insurance company in
the country. During the next 5 years, however, while its business increased, it did not grow
as fast as its major competitors and promising company dropped from third to sixth place.
This naturally perturbed Sanjay Kataria as it did to the board of directors of the company.
Finally, after deliberations, the board of directors concluded that the lack of leadership in
the sales of both ordinary life policies and group life insurance was the major case of
company’s comparative slow progress. It was also generally concluded that the two directors
incharge of sales in these two major areas of business were competent executives and
leaders, but the regional and district managers working under them were not very
competent leaders.
Sanjay Kataria called these two directors and asked them to ensure strong leadership at the
regional and district level or else quit their jobs. As these directors left the meeting with the
chairman, one director told other, "Now just how do we make people leaders? How can we be
sure whether or not a person is a leader? You know this is tough job".
Questions :
(a) If you were one of the directors, how would you answer the questions that the other
director has raised?
(b) What should you do to develop strong leaders?

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