1. (a) Technical analysis.
(b) Time budget.
(c) Project organisation.
(d) Project review.
(e) Project control.
(f) Benefit cost ratio.
2. Explain the steps involved in formulating project report.
3. Discuss the feasibility conducting market analysis.
4. What are the sources of financial projects?
5. State the basic principle network cost system.
6. Enumerate the considerations while appraising a project.
7. Explain the features of integrated project management control system.
8. Case study :
The probability distribution of the out come of an investment is shown below :
Outcome Probability
Rs. Rs.
1,000 0.1
2,000 0.3
3,000 0.4
4,000 0.2
Calculate the following measures of dispersion
(a) Range
(b) Mean absolute deviation
(c) Standard deviation.

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