1. (a) Sales manager.
(b) Sales territory.
(c) Sales audit.
(d) Promotion mix.
(e) Advertising agency.
(f) Sales control research.
2. Elucidate the scope and significance of sales management.
3. Salesman are born but not made. Comment.
4. How does sales budget act as an instrument of planning and control of sales?
5. What are the sources of recruitment of salesman?
6. State the considerations in the selection of media.
7. How do you measure the effectiveness of advertising?
8. Case study
X company a manufacturer of Electronic goods has organised a meeting of its top Executives
to discuss the sales strategies for the next financial year. After some deliberations the
marketing manager has said that ‘‘the cost of a full-page advertisement in one issue of
business journal is more than the cost of employing two sales people for a full year’’, and
urged the management of the company to eliminate a few of these advertisements and
instead, to hire a few more sales people. He believes that one good sales person working for
an entire year can sell more than one advertisement in one issue of business journal.
Assume that you are one among the participants in the discussion and how would you
respond to the views of marketing manager?

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