Venture Capital

Venture Capital is defined as providing seed, start-up and first stage finance to companies and also funding expansion of companies that have demonstrated business potential but do not have access to public securities market or other credit oriented funding institutions.
Venture Capital is generally provided to firms with the following characteristics:
·         Newly floated companies that do not have access to sources such as equity capital and/or other related instruments.
·         Firms, manufacturing products or services that have vast growth potential.
·         Firms with above average profitability.
·         Novel products that are in the early stages of their life cycle.
·         Projects involving above-average risk.
·         Turnaround of companies.
  • To understand the concept of Venture Capital
  • To understand the importance of Venture Capital in developing countries like India.
  • To review the major institutions providing Venture Capital in India.
  • To study the trend of Venture Capital deals in India.
  • To suggest measures for increasing the growth of Venture Capital in India

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