NCFM Modules

NCFM currently tests expertise in the following modules. Click on the links below to get more details on the modules.

  • Financial Markets: A Beginner's Module
  • Securities Market (Basic) Module
  • Currency Derivatives: A Beginner’s Module
  • Mutual Funds: A Beginner's Module
  • Equity Derivatives: A Beginner's Module
  • Interest Rate Derivatives: A Beginner's Module
  • Commercial Banking in India : A Beginner's Module
  • Capital Market (Dealers) Module
  • Derivatives Market (Dealers) Module
  • FIMMDA-NSE Debt Market (Basic) Module
  • Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
  • Commodities Market Module
  • Options Trading Strategies Module
  • Surveillance in Stock Exchanges Module
  • NSDL-Depository Operations Module
  • AMFI-Mutual Fund (Basic) Module
  • AMFI-Mutual Fund (Advisors) Module
  • Corporate Governance Module
  • Compliance Officers (Brokers) Module
  • Compliance Officers (Corporates) Module
  • Modules of Financial Planning Standards Board India (Certified Financial Planner Certification)
  • Information Security Auditors Module (Part-1) & Information Security Auditors Module (Part-2)
  • NISM-Series-I: Currency Derivatives Certification Examination (NISM-Series-I: CD Examination)
  • NISM-Series-II-A: Registrars to an Issue and Share Transfer Agents - Corporate Certification Examination
  • NISM-Series-II-B: Registrars to an Issue and Share Transfer Agents – Mutual Fund Certification Examination
  • NISM-Series-IV: Interest Rate Derivatives Certification
  • NISM-Series-V-A: Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Examination
  • NISM-Series-VI: Depository Operations Certification Examination
  • NISM-Series-VII:Securities Operations and Risk Management Certification Examination
  • Certified Personal Financial Advisor (CPFA) Examination
  • Financial Modeling Module
  • Financial Services Marketing Module
  • Issue Management Module
  • Equity Research Module
  • Market Risk Module

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