The Royal Commission on Labour and the Labour Investigation Committee have laid considerable emphasis on the provision of a canteen inside the workplace. The ILO, in its Recommendation 102, mentioned this facility and felt that a competent authority in each country should guide establishments with regard to nutrition, hygiene, finance, etc. In India, the Factories Act places the responsibility on State Governments of making rules to ensure provisions of a canteen in any specified factory with more than 250 workers. Workers should be provided representation in the management of canteens. The Commission on Labour Welfare has suggested that canteens should be run on cooperative basis and that legislation should be amended to empower State Governments to make rules to meet the objective of nutrition.
The need for setting up crèches in industrial establishments was stressed by the
Royal Commission on Labour in its report way back in 1931. The Factories Act lays down that
in any factory with more than 50 women workers a crèche should be provided and maintained for children under 6 years in clean and sanitary conditions. The crèche should be under the care of women trained in child care. The crèche should have adequate accommodation, should be properly lighted and ventilated. You must note that the State Benefit and Services
Government is empowered to make rules in respect of standards, equipment and facilities.
Mothers should also be given time to feed their children at necessary intervals.

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