v     The project should be typed on A4 white paper, and be double-line spaced.

v     The left margin should not be less than 40 mm and the right margin not less than 20 mm.

v     All pages should be numbered, and numbers should be placed at the centre of the bottom of the page, not less than 10 mm above the edge.

v     All tables, figures and appendices should be consecutively numbered or lettered, and suitably labelled.

v     3 bound copies & a soft-copy should be handed in to the Principal/Director of your College/Institute at the time of submission.
NOTE:  College in turn would submit Two bound copies of all the projects to the Controller of Examinations along with a consolidated CD containing the soft copy of the projects and the list of project titles sorted on the HT Numbers with linkages to the respective project file. The columns in the list should include HTNO., Name of the Student, Major Elective and the Project Title.  College name and the year should be mentioned on the CD.

Any attempt to copy from another (present or previous) student or to copy large chunks from academic or other sources without appropriately referencing those sources will trigger the full weight of plagiarism procedures. If there is any doubt concerning the authenticity of your work, the university reserves the right to demand an individual presentation before a panel at which you will be required to reply to spontaneous questions.

All the material that relates to your project, including completed questionnaires or tapes from interviews, should be shown to your supervisor and be kept until the examination board has confirmed your results. Do not throw this material away once your project is submitted, as you might be asked to present it as part of the viva voce, before your project results are confirmed.

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