List of Tables and Figures

Throughout the project, it is likely that you will want to present material in tabulated or diagrammatic form. Some such presentations will bear only indirectly or partially on your arguments, and in such cases you will need to decide about their proper location. Additional or less relevant information may be better placed in an appendix.

Whether you decide to locate your tables/figures in the main body of the report or the appendices, it is conventional to provide special “contents pages” so that readers can easily find the information. Tables and figures should be listed on a separate page as shown below.

Examples of List of Tables


TABLE                                                                                     PAGE NUMBERS

I           Redundancies in the Food Industry, by age, 1980-1987                                         3

II          Employee’s Attitudes to Motivational Factors,
            by occupation                                                                                                    6

III         Employee’s Attitudes to Motivational Factors,
            by gender                                                                                                                                          7



Examples of List of Figures 


FIGURES                                                         PAGE NUMBER

I           Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs                                                     5

II          Vroom’s Expectancy Theory                                                       10

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