This section presents some of the norms associated with a project. It is strongly recommended that you follow these guidelines. The final report should be presented in the following sequence:

v     Title page
v     Student’s Declaration  (Annexure-I)
v     Supervisor’s Certificate (Annexure-II)

v     Abstract

v     Acknowledgements

v     Table of Contents:

§         List of Tables

§         List of figures

§         List of Appendices

v     Chapter 1. Introduction:  This chapter includes the research problem, need for study/significance of the project, objectives, hypotheses, methodology – scope, sample design, sources of information, tools and techniques of analysis, structure of the study with sound justifications/explanations.

v     Chapter 2. Literature Review:  This chapter should reflect the student’s understanding of the relevant theoretical and empirical background of the problem.   Focus should be more on the logical presentation of the empirical evolution of conceptual and methodological issues pertaining to research problem.  Also highlight the methodological clues drawn through this review for your project.

v     Chapter 3. The company/Organisation/System: This chapter should contain a brief historical retrospect about the entity of your study.
v     Chapter 4 & 5:  Present your data analysis and inferences

v     Chapter 6. Summary and Conclusions: Gives an overview of the project, conclusions, implications and recommendations.  Also specify the limitations of your study.  You may indicate the scope for further research.

v     Bibliography: List the books, articles, websites that are referred and useful for research on the topic of your specific project.  Follow Harvard style of referencing.

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