As a student of Master of Business Administration (MBA) you are required to undertake a major individual piece of research work - the Project or Dissertation. In contrast to the other elements of your programme, where you are guided fairly closely, the aim of the Project is to give you the opportunity to learn independently and show that you can identify, define and analyse problems and issues and integrate knowledge in a business context. It is an important part of the programme that tests your ability to understand and apply the theory, the concepts and the tools of analysis to a specific problem situation. This project handbook has been compiled to clarify the framework of the project and suggest some ways of assuring success.

The only precise rule on what constitutes an acceptable project is that it should be an ordered critical exposition, which affords evidence of reasoning power and knowledge of the relevant literature in an approved field falling within the subject matter of the programme - Management. The emphasis should be on applied research and the investigation of some practical problem or issue related to the situation in which an organisation or system operates.

Please note that the project must not be treated as just another assignment.  The Project provides the opportunity to judge the student’s time and self-management skills and his/her ability to successfully undertake a long and in-depth study.  Hence it is not only the product that is important, but also the process itself.  Students must therefore ensure that they maintain regular contact with their supervisor and also that they provide the supervisor with drafts of their work at regular intervals. Finally, to keep yourself up-to-date and under control as regards your project, it is imperative that you meet your supervisor regularly.

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