Table of Contents

The contents page gives the reader the first view of how the project is structured and how the author attempted to develop the topic. It lists sequentially the sections and major sub-divisions of the sections; each identified by a heading and located by a page number. The following box gives an example.

Table of Contents
CONTENTS                                                                          PAGE NUMBERS

List of Tables                                                                          i
List of Figures                                                                         ii

1. INTRODUCTION                                                             1
2. REVIEW OF LITERATURE                                            16      
3. THE COMPANY                                                               25

4. DATA ANALYSIS & PRESENTATION                                    40
      4.1 Presentation and Analysis                                           40
      4.2 Interpretations                                                             45

5. SUMMARY & CONCLUSIONS                                     50

6. BIBLIOGRAPHY                                                             60

7. APPENDICES                                                                   65
        Appendix A – Organisational structure of Bloggs Ltd  66
        Appendix B-                                                                   67


Your precise structure will have to be tailored to the needs of your own projects. If in doubt, discuss with your project supervisor at an early stage.

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