Comparative Analysis of Stock Broking Firms

There is growing competition between brokerage firms in India. To sustain in the market, brokerage firms are giving different preferences for the customer. For investor it is always difficult to decide which brokerage firm to choose among various options. 

Comparative analysis research was carried out to find which brokerage house people prefer and to figure out what people prefer while investing in stock market. This study suggests that people are reluctant while investing in stock and commodity market due to lack of knowledge.

Main purpose of investment is returns and liquidity, commodity market is less preferred by investors due to lack of awareness. The major findings of this study are that people are interested to invest in stock market but they lack knowledge.

Through this report we were also able to understand, what are the Company’s (Angel Broking) positive and strong points, on the basis of which we come to know what can be the basis of pitching to a potential client. We also gave suggestions to the company, what improvement can be done to our product.

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