Employee Attrition

Attrition: A reduction in the number of employees through retirement, resignation or death, that is, the shrinkage in size or number is attrition.

Attrition is considered to be one of the biggest challenges the Indian corporate sector is facing today. All companies are working day and night to find out a long-term solution of this critical issue. However, very few of them are in a position to face this challenge successfully till date.

According to companies, it is a complex issue and has several dimensions. At the face of it, it is a role of mismatch, i.e., fitting wrong person in the right position. But why role mismatch? Many would argue that 'it is very difficult to understand a complete human being within few minutes of conversation,' or 'in the interview she/he would be found  very good, but later  it  seems   to be  a wrong selection'.

This internship programme has been a very good learning experience for me. It helped me in learning how attrition prevails in the organization and the retention strategies to be applied by the organization.

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