Initial Public Offerings

This project gives a great insight about the IPO and its Process. The purpose of this Project was to understand the IPOs that were issued in the last one year. The study reviews the SEBI guidelines regarding eligibility norms, pricing structure, requirements of the promoters and their obligations, post issue obligations, book building guidelines etc.

Proper study of few IPOs will be been done by going through their past financials, business structure, investments, expansion strategies, growth potential, valuations etc. The Project report starts with defining the various public issues with the need for the company to take out an IPO. It goes on further to explain the advantages of an IPO. It analyses in detail the Indian IPO Scenario. It explains the evolution of the IPO in India and explains how the scene has changed dramatically after liberalization esp. after the introduction of book building process.

The study covers the Primary Markets with IPOs in particular. The study attempts to study the advantages and disadvantages of IPOs. The study collects most of the information from different secondary resources apart from primary information by discussing with different managers and customers who do online trading. The study covers only the IPOs in India. The study attempts to study the IPOs that have come up in the last few years and the IPOs that are expected to come up in the next one year.

The study is limited to Initial Primary Offerings in India. The study was carried out for a period of 45 days and due to paucity of time an in-depth study was not possible. The IPO market is a dynamic one. Therefore data related to last few months was only considered and interpreted.

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